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Bald Head Island

Take a ferry ride to this relaxing, peaceful island of baby sea turtles.

Welcome to Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island is one of North Carolina’s most historic locations—and most relaxing getaways. Located at the tip of the barrier islands, Bald Head Island is home to a 200-year-old lighthouse. It can only be reached by ferry, making this a uniquely isolated location of protected beauty. Only golf carts and bikes are used on the island for personal transport.

The birthplace of many baby sea turtles at the Bald Head Island Conservancy, you won’t find a more rewarding place to live on Cape Fear River.

What to Love

  • Small-town vibe and peaceful island escape
  • Sea turtles hatch on beaches
  • Walkable neighborhoods and bike trails
  • Legendary seafood restaurants with fresh catches on menus
  • Conservatory parks and outdoor recreation

Local Lifestyle

The locals and regular vacationers on Bald Head Island love to have fun. There are events all year round, and you can always find time to kick back on a pier. Residents love marine wildlife and fishing; you will find both in abundance at conservancy boat charters and tackle stores.

Many residents of Bald Head Island walk or bike from home to the local shops, restaurants, and beaches. Others enjoy the beautiful bike trails or drive slow vehicles like golf carts, which are welcome on the peaceful streets of the Bald Head Island community.

Discover the perfect island living experience, not too far from the bustle of city life (but just far enough that it must take a ferry to reach you).

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Looking for an island-worthy lunch to refresh your oceanside adventures or a gourmet dinner location to take someone special? Stock up your vacation home kitchens at the Maritime Market, a great little commerce hub with a pizza kitchen inside and an ice cream shop out front.

Delphina is distinguished by the trees growing through its deck. Stop here for a beautifully shady lunch. Delphina is known for combining East Coast seafood and Southwest Mexican food. Or, just a short walk away, visit Jules’ Salty Grub & Island Pub, where you can eat under the shady pier foundation or overlooking the Marsh Harbour.

Things to Do

Every month, there’s something new and exciting on Bald Head Island.

National Lighthouse Weekend is when residents get together for a festival and rubber duck race to support the maintenance of our beloved Old Baldy, the 200-year-old lighthouse that marks the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Later, we have a pirate’s weekend at the foot of Old Baldy, complete with a staged pirate ship battle.

At the Conservancy, you’ll find the yearly Turtle Trot, a race or walk whose participants raise money to support ongoing studies and habitat cultivation for the baby sea turtles that hatch on our shores. This Halloween, bring your best costume and kids for all-weekend events and all-day trick-or-treating in participating neighborhoods and shopping plazas.

Bald Head Island is home to the Bald Head Island Club, which features one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Southeast. The course snakes through the forest and across dunes with stunning views of Old Baldy (holes 6 and 7) and the Atlantic Ocean (hole 16). The course is for members and member guests only.


Bald Head Island is a small community that shares a school district with Southport across the Cape Fear River. Parents may choose to homeschool their children or send them across the ferry to the bus stop shared by island-dwelling children who look out for each other in Southport’s excellent public and private schools. Students may attend:

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